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In March 2005 when the coldness still remained in a broad expanse of
dense woodland FUJI, we undertook the religious discipline of standing
under a waterfall, running up the mountain load and practice ZEN meditation
sitting cross-legged for strict KARATE training for a several months.

A priest watching us said that "it is not only a technique, power, and skills for the
road of the KARATE. You should train your mind from bottom of your heart first. Try to
experience the true spiritual of SHO (calligraphy) to train your mind" He handed us a writing
brushes for SHO and this was a guide to bring us KANJI world and deeply impressed with having
the inspiration.

In real world, the spiritual SHO taught us how to use a writing brush with feels of sound of wing, sound
of tree shaking and scene of a leave falling down by my eyes and by my ears.

At this moment, it was a great impression for me, in one word, An ascertain the truth of matters.
It moved me by touching the Japanese true heart !!

Then I tried to design SHO on KARATE DOUGI through practicing KARATE. Finally I believe the
products are the complete items combined with throbbing pulse and quietness. This must be the
real soul of Japanese chivalry (BUSHIDO) !!

Our KANJI calligraphy on DOUGI is painted by the hand writing each by each. After confirming your placement of order, we will concentrate and start to paint KANJI on DOUGI. So, Our product is ONLY ONE in the world and made Only for you.

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